Geography Bee Coming

National Geography Bee

HSE will once again host the National Geography School Bee for fourth and fifth graders in January. Students who participate will be selected by homeroom teacher, who often use a short quiz to determine participants.


The Geo Bee is a fun event which is conducted in bee style about geography. The winner will recevie a medal and the opportunity to take a written test in hopes to move up to the state bee.


Please find a link to the left for a daily bee practice quiz, they are hard, but fun! I encourage you and your student visit the www.nationalgeographic.comfor more Geo Bee information and study tips. There is a binder in the media center that contains a lot of old Bee questions that would be good to study. And of course, besides National Geographic Website, any other on line tool regarding geography would be helpful. 


Encourage your student to study and learn!