Book Bowl!

If you are an upcoming Fourth or Fifth grader I want you for book bowl! Please start reading the Sunshine State books for 2015-2016. Also, it would be wonderful, helpful and great if you jotted down some questions (and the answers!) from the books while you read them. I will select my Book Bowl team in December or January based upon how many books were read and quizzes passed for each student. I will be posting the quizzes all through the summer on Edmodo. (I have to read the books too!) Remember, to log into Edmoto, you need your 4300 number and your birthday in six digits (mmddyy) so if your birthday is February 12, 2006 your password would be 021206. Please feel free to send me an email to my school email address if you have any issues or questions. I won't look at it every day, but I will within a few days to a week. That email address is:


I look forward to seeing how many kids read what books come fall! Have a great summer!PS dont forget to write down some questions. If you do, I will have ice cream certifiates for you OR free dress day passes. Thank you!