Teacher Borrowing Parameters

How long is my book checked out for? headphones? PD books?

Regular circulation type

  • All teachers have a check out amount limit of 10 regular items. These items have a 30 day loan period. No renewing.
  • Teachers who check out class set of books for students have a two-week loan period. Three times is the maximum renewal amount for a student issued regular book under this

 Professional development circulation type

  • Five resources maximum for check out with a loan limitation of 30 days. This circulation type is renewable three times.

 Reference books

  • There is a maximum of three refrence books that can be checked out for a loan period of one day. No renewing.
  • Typically reference books are used in library only.

 E/LA Cart Headphones

  • E/LA cart teachers have a set of headphones that are checked out to them for the year (180 days)

 Headphone boxes for check out

  • One box is allowed for each teacher for a loan period of two-weeks. after the two-week period the box must be returned and contents accounted for. To account for the contents headphones are counted and inspected for amount and condition. After this process teachers are able to check out a box of headphones again.

 Media Lab Headphones

  • One box is available for checkout for the duration of your stay in the lab. Lab headphone sboxes remain in the lab and are counted and returned to the media storage. 
  • Headphone boxes are to be returned to the circulation desk and checked in by either Mrs. Creber or Mrs. Bishop.