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PSE works toward Green School Recognition

The Green Schools Recognition Program recognizes public and private schools in Palm Beach and Martin Counties that enourage cultures of sustainability within their school environments.  This program recognizes K-12 schools that have made strides in :

  • School grounds enhancements that encourage the use of the grounds as a learning environment and enhanc the area's ecological integrity.
  • Enhancing school sustainability through the conservation of energy, water, solid waste, green fundraisers, health and wellness initiatives, and encouraging green transportation.
  • Integrating curriculum that will prepare students to understand the act on current and future environmental challenges facing South Florida.
  • Involvement with the community that fosters partnerships within the school building and with local organizations in an effort to create an awareness of environmental issues between the school and the community.
  • Administrative support through active professional development and creation of a school philosophy and culture that embraces sustainability.