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Thank you Martin County Education Foundation for the PLAYS Project!

Hobe Sound Elementary is proud to announce the Plays Project.  (Purposeful Language Acquisition Yields Success)


With the approval of a $10,000 grant awarded by Martin County Education Foundation, written by principal, Dr. Memmer-Novak, Hobe Sound Elementary’s kindergarten students are now participating in a daily language rich and structured play program. 


With the assistance of Ms. Julie Thill-Stellman, Speech and Language Pathologist, the Plays Project is off to a great start!


The Plays Project grant was written by Dr. Memmer-Novak,  knowing that many of our students come to school with limited language experiences. We also know that by providing purposeful teacher led play is an important part of early language development for students.


A total of 33 play kits were purchased and organized for the student play centers. The play kits are rotated weekly throughout the kindergarten classes.


A typical week of a Plays Project center looks like:

On the first day of the school week the students are introduced to a new play center  ‘theme.”  During this time, the teacher and students talk about and gain background knowledge about the play “theme.”  The teacher provides details and descriptions about how play should look in these centers. The teacher will also assign  specific roles and discuss/show and model to the students how those roles work.  For example;  with the Flower Shop play kit, the teacher can assign roles such as a cashier, a florist, delivery person, floral designer and a customer.


The goal of the Plays Project is to provide purposeful play opportunities for the children.  By promoting language rich opportunities and communication, the students will develop their  literacy, vocabulary, math, cooperative social interaction skills, problem solving and collaboration skills.


The Plays Project ROCKS at Hobe Sound Elementary!


PLAY Project  PLAY Project  PLAY Project