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Martin County Seniors Nominated for 2020 Pathfinder Scholarship Awards

More than 60 of the Martin County School District’s top-performing high school seniors will be honored for their academic achievements during this evening’s Palm Beach Post Pathfinder Scholarship Awards Ceremony.  While the annual awards ceremony is traditionally held at the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, The Palm Beach Post will host a virtual ceremony this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live on The Palm Beach Post’s website.


Now in its 37th year, the Pathfinder Awards program recognizes 54 of the best and brightest seniors in Martin and Palm Beach counties who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in academic, vocational and athletic categories.  One of the largest and most comprehensive high school scholarship programs in the state, the Pathfinder Awards program grants nominees the honor of competing against their peers for more than $170,000 in college scholarships. More than 540 seniors were nominated for consideration in this year’s awards program.


Congratulations to the following Martin County seniors who have been nominated for Pathfinder Awards:


Academic Excellence
Anna Ward, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Vivian Powell, Jensen Beach High School - 3rd Place Winner
Ryan Mitchell, Martin County High School
Grace Granum, South Fork High School


Faith Olsen, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Isabella Gallese, Jensen Beach High School
Aleesia Wise, Martin County High School
Shannon Lindsay, South Fork High School



Mackenzie Abbott, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Austin Hodge, Jensen Beach High School
Zachary Ludemann, Martin County High School
Elizabeth Van Keuren, South Fork High School


Miguel Paes, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Kristina Schoenthaler, Jensen Beach High School
Nicole Shurslep, Martin County High School
Samantha Lynes, South Fork High School


Community Involvement
Abbie Nauss, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Brianna Parsons, Martin County High School
Alana Grasso, Jensen Beach High School
Madelene Shewmaker, South Fork High School


Computer Science
Marcus Scheiterle, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Nick Currenti, Martin County High School
Lucas De Bonet, South Fork High School


Julia Howe, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Zoe Flagg, Jensen Beach High School
Megan Ressler, Martin County High School
Veronica Dalton, South Fork High School


Foreign Language
Joseph Nehme-Haily, Jensen Beach High School
Grace Johnson, Martin County High School
Isabella Lake, South Fork High School


Mason Johnson, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Gavin Bradley, Martin County High School


History/Political Science
Katherine Richert, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Jackson McAfee, Jensen Beach High School
Madeline France, Martin County High School
Gaige Bryan, South Fork High School


Katelyn Herter, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Gabriella Garrido, Jensen Beach High School
Christopher Pacheco, Martin County High School
Julia Smyk, South Fork High School


Laura Roberts, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Emily Cordero, Jensen Beach High School
Moojin Ahn, Martin County High School
Solomon Pacifico Scholl, South Fork High School


Brandon Gunter, Clark Advanced Learning Center 
- 2nd Place Winner
Abigail Bracken, Jensen Beach High School - 3rd Place Winner
Sarah Paprotna, Martin County High School
Kyla Marquardt, South Fork High School


Emily Damm, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Jacqueline Ferro, Jensen Beach High School
Zoe Beaton, Martin County High School


Reach for Excellence
Samuel Robbins, Martin County High School 
- 3rd Place Winner
Anthony Corrado, South Fork High School


Dillon Hansen, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Marley Johnson, Jensen Beach High School
Catalina Pike, Martin County High School
Rohan Jakhete, South Fork High School - 1st Place Winner


Hannah Martin, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Sandra Edwards, Jensen Beach High School - 1st Place Winner
Emilee Moberg, Martin County High School
Emily Bornarth, South Fork High School


Gina Saxton, Clark Advanced Learning Center
Morgan Rader, Jensen Beach High School
Ava Koessick, Martin County High School
Frank Fender, South Fork High School


Please click here to learn more about the Pathfinder Awards program.