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Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys Launch for Students, Parents and Employees

As part of its continued commitment to educating all students for success, the Martin County School District has launched its annual Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys, which provide stakeholders the opportunity to give feedback on their level of satisfaction and engagement with school- and District-based programs, outreach efforts, initiatives and resources.



The Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys were designed by a committee of educators and parents as a tactic of the Success Plan, the strategic planning document which outlines, guides and informs the District’s strategies for achievement across four key areas: student success, employee success, culture of collaboration and financial stability.  



Teachers, students, administrators, staff and parents are encouraged to complete the surveys, which will be compiled by Instructional Services staff and distributed to schools and departments to help inform practices and create school improvement goals.



“The ability to gather and synthesize feedback from all stakeholder groups is key to our school district’s mission of educating all students for success,” Superintendent Laurie J. Gaylord shared.  “The annual Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys provide us with important insight about things we are doing well and areas which will require continued focus in our quest to become a dynamic educational system of excellence.  I encourage all students, parents and employees to take a few moments to provide their invaluable feedback through their completion of this year’s surveys.”


The Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys launched Monday, February 24, 2020, and are accessible through both the District’s website and each school’s website. The surveys will close April 30, 2020.


Parents who have children enrolled in more than one school are encouraged to complete the parent survey for each school.  


The link for the parent survey in English is:


The link for the parent survey in Spanish is:


The link for the teacher survey is:


The link for the staff survey is: 


The link for the administrator survey is:


The link for the K-2 student survey is:


The link for the 3-12 student survey is: