• Stuart Middle School Library Book Check Out
    Students are invited to visit the library with their ELA classes on a bimonthly schedule.  In addition, students can get a pass from their ELA or Social Studies teacher to come for book check out or to return a book that is due.  The library is also open during all three student lunches and before school from 8:50 - 9:10 AM.  Once a week during student lunches, there will be book club meeting for students who want to discuss this year's Sunshine State books

    It is important that students make a plan to return or renew all books before they become overdue. Library books are due 2 weeks after they are checked out. Returning or renewing library books before the due date will help keep students off the student fines list. Students and parents are able to check their library account by visiting Classlink, selecting Follett Destiny and then using the My Info tab to see which books they have curently checked out.  

    Important Information Regarding Lost or Damaged Books - Although SMS does not issue fines for late books, it is a great idea to make a plan to keep books in a safe spot in the backpack when they are not being read.  If books are not returned and become lost or if they are damaged, we ask students to pay for the price of replacing the book.  Once a student pays for a LOST or damaged book, the money will NOT be refunded, even if the book is found and returned.  Once a student has paid for a LOST book, they have purchased the book and it is removed from our library system.  WE DO NOT WANT STUDENTS TO PAY FOR BOOKS. At SMS, we would much rather have the books returned in good condition so we can check them out to the next student. We ask that you, please, keep this in mind and make a plan to read and return borrowed books in a timely manner.

    Please see Ms. Noorian in the Media Center with ANY questions.

    Thank you and happy reading!

    Collection Development Policy

    Sunshine State Young Readers
    Don't miss out on reading from the list of Sunshine State books.  Click here for the titles of the 2020-21 Sunshine State books

    Do you know about GVRL?
    Gale Virtual Research Library is a great resource available to you through the Student e-Library link. Check it out!

    Each month the SMS Media Center promotes cultural awareness and sensitivity through multicultural book displays.

    September 15 - October 15 - Hispanic Heritage Month

    October 15 - November - Native Americans

    December - Holidays and religious diversity

    January - Chinese New Year and Asian Studies

    February - Black History Month

    March - European Studies

    April - Women in History

    Learning About Non-fiction with the Dewey Decimal System

    SMS students can explore the different sections of the Dewey Decimal system. These sections are divided by the 100's place.  What is the most popular section in out school? (Hint: it will have more books than any other section.)  

     You can click here to view a PowerPoint show on the Dewey Decimal system.