Whether you can give a little or a lot of time, every bit helps our school! Each time you volunteer, YOU make a difference at Pinewood! The wonderful students and staff deserve our time.  There are many ways that you can help out during the year. To volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, by email (pwevc1@gmail.com) or leave a message with the school office.


    All Volunteer Registrations (e270 form) expire yearly.

    Clarification of School District Policy on Volunteer Levels: 
    Volunteer Levels
    • Level  1: 
    o Service on campus during school hours under direct supervision of staff at all times.
    o Complete e270 form every year.
    o No additional background check is necessary.

    • Level  2:
    o  Service on campus during non-school hours and all off campus service. This includes all field trips.
    o Complete e270 every year.
    o Level 2 requires a background check every two years.

    You can go to the Volunteer Services page of the district website (www.martinschools.org) for more information and to register online.

    Volunteer Orientation


    The Volunteer Orientation Breakfast is held every year in early September so look out for a date in PawPrints, an alert message on the marquis outside, and a flyer sent home.  In order to volunteer at Pinewood, every volunteer must attend a volunteer orientation. This is a district-wide mandated policy, with no exceptions.  All volunteers will be checked against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Sexual Predators and Offenders Registry prior to being placed in any volunteer position. A 270 form must be filled out every year.  This form must be out online and can be found on the Volunteer Services Page on the district website. If you absolutely cannot attend the orientation but plan on volunteering please email the volunteer coordinator to arrange for an individual orientation. 





    Volunteer Opportunities



    Panther P.A.C.K (Parents Assisting and Contributing for our Kids)









    Quick Links

    Volunteer Handbook English

    Volunteer Handbook Spanish

    Volunteer Form English

    Volunteer Form Spanish

    Virtual Volunteer Hours Tracking



    During the orientation, volunteers will learn about the many volunteer opportunities at Pinewood as well as the policies, procedures and guidelines pertaining to volunteers, mentors, business and community partners as outlined in the Martin County School District Volunteer and Community Involvement Handbook. Volunteers may download the handbook online at the Martin County School District website or they may request a copy at the orientation.


    Background Checks


    School Board policy requires a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background check every two years for the following volunteers:


    • Coaches, club sponsors, cheerleading sponsors, mentors,      tutors.
    • All school site volunteers working one-on-one with      students who are not under the direct      visual supervision of a School Board employee.
    • All school-sponsored trip chaperones, since they might not always be under the direct      visual supervision of a School Board employee, i.e., taking students to      the restroom.



    The cost of the background check is $20.

    Please note: No parent may chaperone his/her child’s field trip if he/she has not attended that school year’s volunteer orientation, completed a 270 Form and have a completed and current background check.


    Sign In/Sign Out Procedure and Logging Volunteer Hours


    All volunteers must check in at the front office to receive your sticker/badge, which must be worn while on campus and identifies you as a volunteer.  Please let the front office know that you are volunteering so that you are put into the system correctly and not just as a visitor. Please return this sticker to the front office when you leave so that you can be signed out of the computer. This is a county wide system that keeps track of who is on campus and records our volunteer hours so our school can be safe and wins awards for our awesome volunteers! Hooray! 

    Any volunteer activity performed off campus and/or after school hours should be submitted to the Volunteer coordinator via e-mail to pwevc1@gmail.comor can be recorded at https://www.v-volunteer.com






    Thanks for all you do & for being part of our Pinewood Volunteer Family!  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.


    With Panther Pride,

    Christina Bonventre