J. D. Parker is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) school.  We strive to reinforce the positive behaviors that our students model every day.  Our school wide expectations are to ROCK it:  be Respectful, have Ownership, use good Citizenship, and be Kind.  The faculty and staff have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate each of these expectations to the students to help them make the right choices.  When your child makes the right choice they are often rewarded with a ROCK Card. ROCK Cards are used as a universal reward system.  Students are awarded a card when they are seen exhibiting ROCK behavior.  The cards are a positive reward that your child can save or spend in a variety of ways.  At least every other week, your child has the opportunity to cash in their cards for prize opportunities and treats.  We also have many exciting rewards and give-aways for the students throughout the year.