• Picture representing MMS Makerspace


    What is a Makerspace?

    It's a place you can come to explore, engage, and create things and ideas in which you are interested.


    What kinds of Makerspaces are available?

    • Coding
    • Papercraft
      • Tetrahedron kites
      • Origami
    • LittleBits circuitry
    • Arduino coding LittleBits kit 


    What is the mobile Makerspace?

    There are two Makerspaces available for science teachers to use in their classrooms. The makerspaces are connected to the scientific inquiry standard and include LittleBits and tetrahedron kite materials.


    Who can participate?

    Any student can participate in the Makerspace. Passes are issued to students for dismissal after they've eaten lunch. Morning Makerspace times are Friday's from 8:30-9:00 AM when SAC is not in session. 


    What happens if a student wants to pursue their interests but no Makerspace exists for that topic?

    Then we can make one!! Ask Mrs. Creber to help with creating the makerspace in which you are interested.