• Parent Message from Focused on Forever regarding school portraits:

    Financial Support - While we typically never discount our offerings, we agreed that the COVID-19 economic situation warranted some help to our faithful parents who have invested in their children’s memories and wish to continue to do so. To promote contactless delivery, we have offered a 15% discount on all digital orders. After learning of the school closures and possibility of them not reopening, began offering free home shipping on all new orders after March 17. We also, for the first time ever, created a payment plan for parents needing to split up their payments. Parents are able to split their payment in half, and inform of us of a date they wish to have the other payment go through. This has allowed many to still participate even while their financial status may not be as stable due to recent closures. We are also going to be extending regular ordering periods through May 31 with no type of shipping or late fees of any sort to further assist parents at this time and give the schools more time to communicate any further proofing or ordering communications to the parents electronically.