• Stuart Middle School

     ID Badge Policy

    In compliance with the MCSD policy, all students will be required to wear a school issued Identification badge while on campus, a school bus or when attending other events as indicated by school officials.


    1. Badges must be visible at all times and may not be altered, modified or covered and must be worn either on a “breakaway” safety lanyard or “clipped” to clothing of the upper torso.
    2. Tampering, altering or damaging a student ID will result in discipline consequences and will require the replacement of the ID at the student’s expense.
    3. ID badges will be required while attending school functions, riding school district busses as well as purchase school lunches and utilize the school media center. Ids will be required for additional activities in the near future.

    Discipline consequences for failure to adhere to school policy

    1. Each semester students will get 3 warnings for not having their ID badges.
    2. Students will be required to wear a temporary ID in the event they don’t have their own.
    3. After the three warnings, consequences will progress from Lunch Detention to Afterschool Detention and possibly beyond.

    Identification badges must be worn at all times while on campus with the following exceptions:

    1. PE classes when the student is dressed out or otherwise participating in activities in which the ID badge could pose a danger.
    2. Participating in other activities (art, band etc…) in which the badge may be damaged or interfere with the activity.
    3. Participating in a performance in which the ID badge detracts from the dress attire of the event.
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