• MCSO See Something Send Something App:



    The Martin County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Martin County School District, has launched the “See Something,Send Something” app.


    This app has two features that will help empower our community, increase communication and solve crimes.


    1. See Something, Send Something allows law

    enforcement to send GeoFenced messages (specific to a location) about current or past suspicious criminal activities, warn about potential criminal activity, alert the community about missing or endangered persons, and provide real-time crime prevention information to students, staff and parents. 


    1. In return, users can use the app to capture and send images, video or audio of suspicious activity and anonymously send it to law enforcement immediately.


    The See Something, Send Something app is also a student empowering app. To communicate with teenagers and school aged children, we have to meet them where they are — "on their turf."


    Ninety percent of all time spent on smart devices is spent in apps. The See Something, Send Something app allows them to report suspicious or criminal behavior related to school activities while remaining anonymous.


    The See Something, Send Something app has partnered with the School Safety Advocacy Council to facilitate a crime prevention program and suspicious activity reporting tool within our school sites in an effort to make our schools safer.


    The app is free to download in Google Play and the Apple App Store.