•  Exploring All Possibilities     

        Willoughby Learning Center is unique in its function. It is an alternative school serving all of Martin County. Our school individually serves any student who will learn best with increased structure and support. The ESE department attends to a range of needs.

        The students are from all areas of the county and are transported to and from school by Martin County School Buses. The staff consists of a principal, Intervention Problem Solving Coach, classroom teachers, and art, physical education, wood shop, and music.  There are also teaching assistants, and a full time registered nurse on staff. 

        Some students select to attend Willoughby Learning Center, other students are recommended for Willoughby Learning Center through specific procedures as defined by the Florida Department of Education Special Programs and Procedures manual.

    An Individualized Approach to Success

         All students benefit from an environment conducive to their learning needs.  A complete academic program is offered at Willoughby Learning Center with all diploma options offered through the Martin School District.  With a ratio of support personnel to students at 1:3, students are in a caring environment.           

         We support credit recovery through classroom instruction and through the on-line Edginuity program.  With our 10 period day, students can also find personal expression in our carpentry shop, individual music lessons, or artistic expression.  All students are scheduled into a Social Personal Career class for the purpose of goal setting, self monitoring, and relationships.  With these supports, students can succeed at Challenger School or return to the comprehensive campus.

    The mission of Willoughby Learning Center School is to:

    • Provide a learning environment that protects the dignity of every student.

    • Develop the unique gifts of each exceptional student ensuring the achievement of each and every individual’s extraordinary purpose.

    • Expand opportunities through specialized instruction in collaboration with community resources.

    • Explore all possibilities to reach the highest expectations for our student’s success.

    • Inspire our students to be safe, take responsibility, achieve goals, respect self and others, and show self-control.