What are the Florida Standards?


    The Florida Standards have higher expectations and increased rigor in both English language arts and mathematics. For reading, this includes more complex texts, including both informational and literary texts, as well as close reading and thoughtful use of textual evidence. In mathematics, there is an increased demand for balance between conceptual understanding (why), procedural fluency (how), and application (when).

     The Florida Standards do not represent a prescribed curriculum, but rather a framework within which educators can help students master key skills and become college and career ready.

     The iReady diagnostic assessments help educators and parents help determine where to focus instructional time to ensure all students are on track to meet the rigorous expectations of the Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) and Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS).


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    i-Ready® –Built for the Common Core
    i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction was built for the Common Core. It provides the data-driven insights that classroom teachers and school and district administrators need to determine exactly where to focus their instructional time to ensure all students are on track to meet these more rigorous expectations and to succeed on the accompanying assessments.


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