• Volunteer Information

    Obtain volunteer registration information online by visiting www.martinschools.org and click on Volunteer Services under Quick Links.

    Registration begins in August. Click here for Registration forms. Many volunteer opportunities are available such as:

    •  Read with a child who is struggling to read
    •  Work in the media center, cafeteria or office
    •  Serve as a classroom volunteer or a mentor
    •  Help with homework in our after-school program

    We will work with you to find the right placement for your unique talents and interests. Volunteering is a Two-Way Street: It can benefit you as much as the students. All volunteers are checked against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Sexual Predators and Offenders Registry prior to being placed in any volunteer position.

    LEVEL 1: Service on campus during school hours only

    •  Complete e270 registration form every year
    •  No additional background check is necessary


    LEVEL 2: Any service on campus during non-school hours and all off campus service

    •  Complete e270 registration form every year
    •  Level 2 requires a background check every two years

    For more information and to complete the e270 form visit www.martinschools.org and click on ‘Volunteer Services’ under Quick Links.

    Volunteer Information

      Directions for volunteering at our schools
    Record volunteer hours when you did not sign into Raptor and have your hours automatically counted.
    Complete this form to request a report to be emailed to the student and the guidance department.

    Please caontact TiffanyFitzhugh for more information


    (772)597-2146 Ext. 122