• School Volunteer Program

    Volunteer Registration

    All Volunteers are required to complete the form including staff and students.


    *Haga clic para La solicitud para Ser Voluntarios en el Distrito Escolar del Condado de Martin en español.


    • Level 1: For volunteer applicants who will work with students in a supervised manner (in sight at all times of MCSD staff). A Volunteer 1 must be screened through the national sexual predator/offender database.
    • Level 2: For volunteer applicants who will work with students in an unsupervised manned (out of sight or hearing of MCSD staff). A Level 2 Volunteer is required to pass a Volunteer 2 criminal background screening with fingerprinting.
      • Note: This includes Volunteer Athletic Coaches and Volunteer Drivers.

    * After submission, please confirm your agreement with the current COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Strategies.

    Additional Requirements:

     Volunteer Portal

     Raptor Volunteer Portal

    Stay informed, sign up for events, and record your volunteer hours!

    • Login information:
      • Username: email you registered with.
      • Password: volunteer is prompted to choose a password; easy to reset if you forget.

    Volunteers are covered by the district's workers compensation policy. Failure to log your hours may result in denial of a claim. Schools also need your hours to qualify for FLDOE awards.

    1. After logging in, click "Hours" on the top left of the page
    2. Click "+ Add Hours" on the top right of the page
    3. Complete details and click "Save"

    If you are not able to log in from a computer, enter your hours in the Volunteer Time Tracker.

    Background Check Payments

    • Level 1:
      • Payment: None.
      • Instructions: Once approved, swipe your license at the front desk when you sign in.
    • Level 2:
      • Payment: $55 (Background Check & Retention Fee)
      • Background Check: Click HERE to pay for and schedule fingerprinting. 
        • Click on the "Schedule Appointment" button and then Sign Up or Sign In.
        • Volunteers: $49. 
          • CODE: Choose FPMartinCountyNonCert.
        • Volunteer Coaches: $49.25.
          • CODE: You may choose option above -or- FPMartinCountyEmp if you plan to obtain a coaching certificate in the future.
      • Retention Fee: $6 per year for years 2-5. Please click HERE to pay online.
        • Note: Fingerprints are valid for 1 year. The District charges a $6 fee to cover the cost of retaining fingerprints in its system for the second year of a volunteer's registration status. Volunteers may pay for an additional 1-3 years for their fingerprints to be retained for up to 5 years prior to their two-year expiration.
      • Resubmission Fee: $13.25 total for years 6-10.

    Volunteer Renewal

    You will receive an automatic e-mail renewal email with instructions 30 and 15 days prior to expiration. If you do not receive the email, or to change volunteer levels, email the Volunteer Services office for assistance.

    • Students: Valid for 1 year.
    • Volunteers (Adults and non-MCSD students): Valid for 2 years.