• Math Department

    Indiantown Middle School believes that all students have strengths in math. We believe in the importance of building a strong math community where students are expected to work independently, in pairs, and in small groups. Just as teachers collaborate weekly, we expect our students to work and learn from each other.

    IMS offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of all of our learners. Students are placed in the next course in the sequence. If we are unable to determine the last course, a placement test may be given. We strive to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged.

    Promotion Requirements

    Students are required to complete 3 middle school or higher courses. IMS offers two high school level mathematics course for which students may earn high school credit. To earn high school credit, a middle school student must pass the End of Course (EOC) Assessment. All coursework is determined by the Florida State Standards and the Martin County Public Schools scope and sequence guide. For questions, please contact Mrs. Pam Daly dalyp@martin.k12.fl.us.

    Courses Offered

    • Math 5
    • Math 6
    • Math 7
    • Math 8
    • High School Algebra Honors (EOC exam)
    • High Geometry Honors (EOC exam)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is there a placement test my student needs to take?

    No, Students will be enrolled in the next math course in the sequence.

    Will my student’s FSA score be used to determine their initial math placement?

    No.  Students will be enrolled in the next math course in the sequence.  If a student was in 4th grade mathematics last year, they will be scheduled to take 5th grade mathematics  this year.  If a student was in 5th grade mathematics last year, they will be scheduled to take 6th grade mathematics this year.  There are two exceptions.  The FSA may help determine placement for 6th graders to take 8th grade math which will enable them to take Algebra 1 Honors in 7th grade and Geometry Honors in 8th grade.  Also, if the student has a high FSA score, they may be placed in Algebra 1 in 8th grade. 

    If my student is in Algebra 1 Honors or Geometry Honors, will the grading be the same?  

    Yes, a middle school student must pass the course and take and earn a passing score on the Algebra 1 EOC Assessment. The results of the EOC constitute 30% of the student’s final course grade. If the student does not pass the EOC in middle school, the student will have opportunities in high school to retake the EOC to meet high school graduation requirements. One additional difference is that Algebra 1 and Geometry courses are semester log courses.