• How to Find Out Anything SFHS or SFHS IB Related

    1. IB Google Classroom. Join code 5x32dul 
    2. Join FB South Fork Parents
      • Facebook page titled “South Fork Parents.”  Please join this page to keep up-to-date.  
    3. Join FB South Fork IB PAC
      • Also join the IB Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Facebook Page, “ South Fork IB PAC.” 
    4. Download the Martin County Schools app from app store, then add South Fork HS 
      • Go to the App Store and filter “Education” and look for Martin County Schools. News and info will be posted there, also.
    5. Add South Fork High School Homepage to your favorites bar https://www.martinschools.org/Domain/19
      • If you forget and don’t make the site a favorite, you can Google South Fork High School Homepage and get there.