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    While all Martin County School District-operated schools remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year,  the District serves as an essential community partner in times of crisis and is deemed an essential business exempt from business closure orders.



    Important Information for Employees



    Work Schedule

    Employees should review this work schedule to determine their current work status.  Questions about the schedule should be directed to supervisors.  Per Executive Order 20-91 and effective April 3, 2020, all employees who are currently 65 years of age or older have been reassigned to home until further notice



    Timekeeping and Pay

    Employees must follow the appropriate timekeeping procedures for their job class in order to continue to receive their paychecks.  Please click here to learn more. 





    In emergency cases, the District considers teleworking - remote working, working from home or from a non-District site - to be a viable alternative work arrangement where employee, job and supervisor characteristics best suited to such an arrangement.  Teleworking is a work alternative that may be appropriate for some employees and some jobs.  It is not an entitlement; it is not a District-wide benefit, and it in no way changes the terms and conditions of employment with the District. Either an employee or a supervisor can suggest teleworking as a possible work arrangement. The District, at its sole discretion, may determine that some positions are not eligible for teleworking based on the job responsibilities. Learn more...

    The Telework Request Form is available here




    Virtual Training

    During this unprecedented time, employees are still being compensated for their work – supporting schools, district sites, and teleworking. The first and best option for all employees is to be providing direct support to schools/departments, students, and teachers in an appropriate socially distanced manner and/or remotely as deemed appropriate by his/her supervisor.
    In addition to this work, there are opportunities for professional learning. Please work with your direct supervisor to coordinate your remote teleworking schedule, including options for your learning.


    The Professional Development Department hopes that you have the chance to learn and grow your practice during this time!


    Durante este tiempo sin precedentes, los empleados están siendo compensados por su trabajo- apoyando escuelas, trabajando en distintos lugares del Distrito, y remotamente desde sus hogares. La primera y la mejor opción para todos los empleados, es que provean apoyo directo a las escuelas/departamentos, estudiantes y maestros en una forma apropiada de distanciamiento social y/o remotamente como su supervisor crea que sea apropiado.
    En adición a este trabajo, hay oportunidades para aprendizaje profesional. Por favor trabaje con su supervisor directo para coordinar su día de trabajo trabajando remotamente desde su hogar, e incluya opciones para su aprendizaje.
    El Departamento de Desarrollo Profesional, espera que usted tenga la oportunidad de aprender y crecer durante este tiempo.
    Haga un clic aquí para oportunidades de aprendizaje profesional.



    Benefits Open Enrollment

    Due to school closures and the "Safer at Home" order that will remain in effect through the end of April, this year's Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits will be held in a virtual setting. Open Enrollment will run from April 27 - May 8, 2020. As always, Open Enrollment elections and changes will take place in Bentek. Click the photo below to watch a short video that explains all of the new and exciting changes that will become effective in our employee benefits program effective July 1, 2020. As always, please feel free to contact the Employee Benefits Team with any questions.


    MCSD Open Enrollment Video




    Access to Virtual Medical Care

    As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds, virtual healthcare is recommended by the CDC as an effective way to receive medical care and advice while helping to avoid exposure and spread of potentially contagious viruses. In these unpredictable times, Teladoc is a convenient care option that is covered by all of the District's medical plans. Learn more...



    Employee Assistance (EAP) Program

    The District's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers all eligible employees and family members access to licensed mental health professionals through a confidential program that is protected by state and federal laws. EAP is available to help employees gain a better understanding of problems and circumstances that affect them, locate the best professional help for a particular issue, and decide upon a plan of action. EAP counselors are professionally trained and certified in their fields and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more...