• The purpose of this webpage is to provide information related to online learning for students and updates on library processes and procedures.

How to be Successful at Online Learning

    • Create an atmosphere that motivates you. To do this, separate your personal space from your works/learning pace.


    • Find a space with minimal distractions and noise as your workspace. Consider using a desk (not your bed), a light and a comfortable chair in your work/learning zone.


    • Reduce distractions in the form of your phone, open tabs (no social media distractions or games) in your browser, the TV, a window. If you must have your phone present keep it face down.


    • Reduce distractions by being neat. "There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place" is a good rule of thumb to follow for many things, including learning at home.


    • If there are other people around you let them know you are working and in order to support your learning, quiet is needed.


    • Gather tools you will need, like a device, pencil and paper for notes or phone to record notes.


    • Reflect and be flexible. Reflect on your learning/workspace. What is working? What isn't working? Make a change to better suit your needs. Strive for an environment that maximizes your productivity.



Mrs. Creber

Mrs. Creber

Contact Information

  • Susan Creber
    MS Educational Technology
    Library/Media Specialist
    Murray Middle School
    4400 SE Murray Street
    Stuart, FL 34997
    772-219-1670 x 34118

Questions and Answers

  • I did the assignment but I don't know how to how to submit an assignment through Google Classroom.

    Posted by: Susan Creber

    How to's here include a link to a text resources explaining how to submit an assignment and a video link as well. https://youtu.be/FcA0Epv8CIk 


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  • What should I do with my MMS library books that I checked out?

    Posted by: Susan Creber

    All students, please keep your books in a safe place. Please remember the safe place you put them. Once we are physically present at school, please return your books to the library. If it happens you have moved up a grade and are in high school, please drop off the book to MMS or bring it with you to high school. I will be in touch with media specialists at high schools about middle school book returns.


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  • I forgot my Google password. What should I do?

    Posted by: Susan Creber

    Let your teacher know you need a reset and he/she will contact me. Be prepared to provide your teacher with the correct spelling of your name and your student ID number. I will send an email to the teacher with your password reset. You will need to change your password from the default before continuing with the account. Please practice protective password habits.


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  • My teacher created an assignment I shared what I had but I have no grade!!

    Posted by: Susan Creber

    Check to make sure you have submitted the assignment through Google Classroom. If an assignment had been created in Classroom this means you have to upload your work through Goolge Classroom in order for your teacher to know you have completed it. 

    Sharing documents instead of submitting them may result in the teacher not knowing you have completed the assignemnt. Sharing and submitting work are two different things and not interchangeable.

    Get credit for your work and submit it through Google Classroom. Follow these instructions on how to submit your work. https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6020285?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en 

    Learn how to submit work by this video: https://youtu.be/FcA0Epv8CIk  


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  • Trouble logging into my Google Classroom or anything Google related to online learning

    Posted by: Susan Creber

    Trouble can be caused by a few things. To avoid trouble make sure you are performing the following actions:

    - Log into a Chrome browser.

    - Access Classlink from any Martin County School District webpage.

    - Click on Google Classroom or Drive when in Classlink.

    - Enter your @sbmc.org account UN and PW again after clicking on Google Drive or Classroom from Classlink.

    - Always use your @sbmc.org account for anything you are doing school related.

    - If you have a request to view message pop up it means you are not in your @sbmc.org account.


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  • How will I know my Google Class code when we never had a Google Classroom before this?

    Posted by: Susan Creber

    A few ways: 1. There is a "planner" tab under your student profile. The student profile is on the right side and has your first name at the top. In the planner tab there will be an entry for the assignments posted. As long as teachers have entered an assignment in FOCUS it will show up in your online planner. 

    2. In the gradebook in FOCUS the title of the grade entry for the first assignment this quarter should have the Classcode in the title.

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