• Becuase of the COVID 19 virus, all FSAs and EOCs have been cancelled for this school year. From the FLDOE: 

    • All remaining assessments for school readiness, voluntary prekindergarten and K-12 assessments are cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.
    • Requirements for graduation and promotion, and final course grades will be evaluated as though those assessments which were cancelled did not exist.
    • Non-seniors (including middle school students currently enrolled in Algebra I): The Department is waiving the requirement for non-senior students who are currently enrolled in a course that requires an EOC to take the associated EOC. However, non-seniors who have yet to pass the Grade 10 FSA ELA must still meet the exit criteria by passing that assessment during a future administration or earning a concordant score. Though non-senior students enrolled in Algebra 1 are not required to take the Algebra 1 EOC, they must still meet the mathematics assessment graduation requirement by either passing the Algebra 1 EOC (offered four times each year) during a future administration, earning a concordant score, or passing the Geometry EOC during a future administration.


    If you are taking the ACT/SAT in the upcming year (10th grade prep for 11th grade testing, 11th gradeers for college applications and grad FSA/EOC concordant scores, 12th graders for college placement/bright futures):

    Adjustments to Bright Futures testing requirements are being determined and will be shared as soon as we know. Please use these free resources that many organizations are offering!

    Check out act.org/covid19 to find resources to share with your students:

    • Free Kaplan® Live Online Test Prep
    • ACT® Academy™
    • American College Application Campaign’s College Research Worksheet
    • ACT Voice-Based Assistant
    • Stress Management Video Series


    Next year, we anticipate a return to the following graduation requriements:

    The Florida Department of Education has put forth graduation requirements for testing:

    1. All students take the FSA ELA each year and are required to pass it for high school graduation. In 10th grade, they will sit for this requirement. If they pass it at that point in time, they will have met this requirement. If not, they have junior and senior year to attempt it again and have the option of utilizing concordant scores on the SAT and ACT. 

    2. All students take the ALG 1 EOC at the end of the year in which they are enrolled in Alg 1. If they pass it at this point, this requirement has been met. If not, they will continue taking it in subsequent years for a passing score or can earn a concordant score on the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. This test also counts for 30% of their final grade in the course.

    3. There are other tests students must take for high school graduation but they are not pass/fail. These tests must be taken the year of enrollment and each test counts for 30% of the student's final grade in the course. These courses are: Geometry, Biology, and US History.