• On Tuesday, December 16, we begin our end of semester assessments, including the administration of Common Quarterly Assessments (CQAs) for our classes with an EOC or FSA in the Spring.

    Next week, students will follow their normal schedule and take their course assessments during the designated date and period. Per 2A will be on Tuesday, per 1B and per 3 on Wednesday, per 1A and per 4 on Thursday and per 2B and per 5 on Friday.  You can find this schedule on our website.

    Please remember that students earn credit at this time and that the final semester assessments are included in the overall grade. Students who take the Common Quarterly Assessments will be provided a quiz grade based on how they perform on the assessment of the standards taught within the past nine weeks. The results also are used to guide instruction during the Spring semester to support students as they prepare for the final EOCs in Algebra, Geometry, US History, Biology and/or FSAs in ELA 9 or ELA 10. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain the classroom environment for testing so students will not be allowed to leave school or be signed out until the period ends. There are no early assessments.

    Final grades will be posted on the students’ FOCUS account by January 14.

    On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of MCHS, we wish you and your family a joyful and safe winter break and we look forward to an exciting 2020!