• MPA Music Performance Assessment

    MPA is the ultimate goal for all band students. Participation in the event is required of all 7th and 8th grade band students. The event date (TBD) usually takes place in late february or early March. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals leading up to this event.

    Attire for this event:

    Please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing for this event. All students are required to dress in formal attire. Short pants, jeans, sneakers or sandals are not permitted. Boys are to wear black dress slacks, a solid color dress shirt (button down) black dress shoes and a solid black tie. Girls may wear a dress (colors black and/or white… color accents are acceptable) or a skirt and blouse combination with appropriate dress shoes to match. Once again, sneakers are not permitted for this performance.

    Parents are always welcomed to attend this free performance as either a cahperone or an audeince member.