• Morning Announcement  2019-2020

    Purpose: To provide the student body at Murray Middle School with video communicating announcements associated with the following:

    • School related processes and policies
    • Social events and activities
    • Behavior expectations
    • Academic and sports related activities


    Student Responsibilities:

    • Independently produce a quality video that uses multiple senses to communicate information to the student body. Video and images included in the broadcast must support the meaning and enhance the information in the announcement.
    • Follow Copyright laws to avoid Copyright infringement.
    • Use MLA citation guidelines in production.
    • Take care in handling and properly use equipment.
    • Proficiently use editing software Touchcast to edit for mistakes and add transitions and segues to the video with the purpose of improving and enhancing the message.
    • Write, record and produce independent segments to the news
    • Follow BYOD use policies for morning announcement class
    • Write and use a script for use in recording. Use the print copy of the morning announcements as the content for the broadcast.
    • Students will independently produce the morning announcements to include all pre-production, production and post-production aspects.



    • Pencil
    • Paper
    • Knowledge of Google UN and PW
    • Google Drive
    • Knowledge of student ID number and FOCUS password
    • BYOD personal device for recording (Optional)
    • Create a Morning Announcement folder in your Google Drive to store your footage, photos and videos.


    TV Productions Policies:


    • Trustworthy students
    • Self-controlled students
    • No gum in the library or labs
    • No food and drink in the lab
    • Be Professional
    • No green or blue clothing on TV
    • Schedules will be posted on the whiteboard.
    • Turn in segment work on time. On time means three days before broadcast and uploaded to Google drive.
    • Complete assignments in Google Classroom on time.
    • Students have an opportunity to make up or hand in late work up to three days after due date. Other circumstances need to be discussed with Mrs. Creber.
    • Upload and store your footage, photos and videos from the iPad.
    • Erase the iPad’s camera roll after uploading to Google.
    • Grading:
      Students are graded based on performance, participation and reflection. Each week students will be responsible for the pre-production, production and post-production aspects of broadcast. Support materials will be provided for reading.


    Grading breaks down into the following categories:

    Category 1 65%
    Category 2 25%
    Category 3 10%


    For the 2019-2020 school year morning announcements will be organized by segments. Each announcement published will be its own segment. Students are in charge of a publishing a segment for broadcast. Segments will be strung together to create the broadcast. Typically, an announcement has a long run time. There are some that are short. For the short term announcements we will record in studio. Longer running announcements will be segments and students are encouraged to be creative in their design, planning and publishing. As ability levels increase we will turn short term announcements into segments as well.

    Touchcast is the app used to produce the news. Our goal is to provide a real-time and a first-person perspective broadcast. We broadcast the day after recording. There are no live broadcasts.


    I have purchased new equipment for recording. There are two iPads that are housed in a special iOgraphy case that makes recording and using mics and special lenses easy. I have a portable green screen and lighting for “on-location” recording.

    You are encouraged to use your own device. This is a BYOD class. You may use your personal device for recording your news segment. You will have to use Touchcast for editing. Touchcast is only available on Apple devices. They are working toward an app for Andriod.

    Disclaimer: My policy on BYOD is the device is only used for the purpose of recording video and editing said video for the morning announcements. Any alternate purpose or behavior associated with the device is unacceptable. School policies will be followed for any misuse of BYOD policy or misuse of technology.

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