Media Aide Overview

  • Media Aides 

    Media Aides are instrumental in helping to accomplish the following goals:

    • Circulation
    • Special projects
    • Communicating the library's vision and mission

    Each media aide will be responsible for a particular area in the library/media center. When aides arrive they should complete the following:

    • Straighten tables and chairs.
    • Refresh seating charts and trouble slips in all labs.
    • Shelve books in their section.
    • Work on special projects.
    • Scan shelf area for misplaced books.
    • Dust shelves each Friday.
    • Watch out for books that need repair and make those repairs when the media center is not busy.
    • Help students find a book.
    • Make reading recommendations.
    • Other duties as assigned.


    Media Aide requirements are as follows:

    • Alphabetize materials accurately and consistently.
    • Place materials in number (decimal) order accurately and consistently.
    • Follow written and verbal direction accurately.
    • Plan and schedule work assignments so library materials and tools are put away and orderly at the end of each period.
    • Flexible and compliant with requests.
    • Communicative

Special Project: Motivational Monday Video Segment

  • This month’s Motivational Monday’s focus is the Character Counts pillar, fairness. Media aides are assigned the following:

    1.       A quote from a public figure (from any point in history and currently) about fairness as it relates currently to society. Check out these quotes  

    For example “It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

    2.       A brief explanation of the meaning of fairness. Specifically,the meaning of fairness as it relates to aspects of school.

    For example, To me, fairness occurs when rules, guidelines and expectations are applied to each person. For instance, it is fair to expect anyone to return something that is borrowed.

    3.       A brief explanation of why fairness is important as it relates to aspects of school.

    For example, fairness is important in school especially in classrooms because it sets an expectation that is recognizable to every student.

     Students should submit their responses in an engaging way. This may look like one of the following forms:

    • PowerPoint with visuals converted to a JPEG file, loaded into Moviemaker (only available in the TV studio)  and record a voice over with the content in the PPT.
    • Video on their phone.
    • Record in front of the camera in the TV studio.

     Submissions should be shared with me through Google Drive. This will mean students are to upload their final product to their desktop and upload it to their @SBMC.ORG Google Drive and share it with me. I will be available to talk/show any student who does’t know this process when they are ready for this final step.

     Finally, the final product is due on Friday, January 25th.

     This will be a daily assignment grade in FOCUS.








    Content clarity

    Quote is accurately typed from the source.  Content clearly explains what fairness means to you as it relates to aspects of school and social life. A brief explanation of why fairness is important as it relates to aspects of school and your social life. You may use a sentence starter like: “fairness means…”

    Content is a bit vague on any  explanation either relating to school or social life.

    Content is missing from any/all requirements. Content is vague in all aspects of the explanation.



    Visuals support the message. Visuals are vibrant and eye catching.

    Visuals are vague and/or confusing. Visuals do not support the message.

    There are no visuals.


    Grammar, Spelling and Style

    Quotation marks surround the text. Quotation is in italics. Name of the person quoted is placed next to the end of the quote with a dash in front of the name. (“Perfect preparation prevents poor performance” - Susan Creber

    Quotation marks are misused. Name of the person is misspelled or not in correct format.

    Quotation marks are missing. There is no citation of the source.



    Due Tuesday, January 22nd by the end of the period.

    Students submit their responses on time and choose from one of the following forms:

    1. PowerPoint with visuals converted to a JPEG file, loaded into Moviemaker (only available in the TV studio)  and record a voice over with the content in the PPT.

    2. Video on their phone.

    3. Record in front of the camera in the TV studio.

    All videos are in MP4 format.

    Submission is late. There was a problem with the submission that was caused by directions not followed.

    Submission was not made.







Special Project: Multiculturalism Display

  • Special Project: Multiculturalism Displays
    Purpose:  Display curated digital resources and tools related to specific topics.

    Students:  Gather library and media resources related to their chosen topic. Materials are displayed for others to use to learn more about the topic. A trifold poster board is used to educate visitors about the topic.

    Displays will be housed on the stacks between the emergency exit and the blue lab. Books and materials part of the display will be placed around the trifold poster board.

    Content of the display:

    · Trifold poster board to include:

    o   Title in the center

    o   Pictures (3 minimum)

    o   Focused & specific topic – For example, if the topic is the geographic region of the Middle East what countries will you choose and what cultures in those countries will be covered? For example, I could choose the country of Lebanon. What specifics about the culture of Lebanon do I want to focus on? I can choose history, food ( a favorite of mine), festivals, literature, music, and more.

    o   Each part of the board will have a section. Sections can be divided into sub-sections. For example, if the topic is the Middle East region and you are covering Lebanon and want to highlight the food as a subtopic you would have a section about Lebanese food under the part about Lebanon.

    o   Color and creativity

    o   Source citations

    · At least three books about the topic

    · Open Educational Resources (OER) list of three

    · Websites

    · Pictures

    · Artifact (Optional)

    · Video of the display and an explanation of the topic to be put in the morning announcements.

    Choose your month and topic. Let me know your choice by writing on a Post-it which topic you will choose and for which month. Look at the table below to make your choice.

    Displays are due and should be ready for display the first day and/or the beginning of the month. If the first day falls on a weekend then Monday is the beginning of the month.

     Multiculturalism Display  

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