• Family-Local Business Letter

    JD Parker Family,

    In a time where most stories are read via Kindle or other hand-held devices, we forget the power of a printed book. Bringing us to faraway places, filled with suspense and mystery, books have the power to transport us to another time and place, introducing us to characters beyond our imagination. But imagine, just for a moment, what your life would be like if you never read your favorite book.

    JD Parker Elementary is a school that is lacking a vital resource that is a critical tool for the success of its students—books. Although there is no shortage of highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers, there is indeed a shortage of non-fiction and fiction books for students ages 3-13. In an effort to meet the needs of students, the JD Parker School Advisory Council is hosting a book drive.

    The National Assessment of Adult Literacy claims that 34 million adults function at below basic literacy levels-meaning they are unable to complete simple literacy tasks such as filling out a job application, deposit slip or read a prescription label. It is instrumental that we teach our children in their formative years, the power of the printed word.

    With your support, the Student Advisory Committee is committed to:

    • Enriching and expanding classroom libraries
    • Supporting after school enrichment programs
    • Expand literary offerings in school resource room

    For every $100 raised we will be able to deliver 20 books.

    Thank you for partnering with JD Parker in our effort to help our students achieve academic excellence.


    April Day

    JD Parker Elementary

    1010 E 10th Street

    Stuart FL 34996

    Student Advisory Chairperson