• The Martin County School District offers an Employee Wellness Program to improve the health and well-being of employees and their dependents. We are committed to providing our employees with information, educational activities, and preventive screenings needed to improve their health and incorporate healthier lifestyle options into daily routines.

    What is Wellness?

    Wellness is a holistic and active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy, fulfilling life and achieving one’s full potential.  There are eight dimensions of wellness: occupational, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, physical, social and intellectual. Each is interrelated with another and is equally important in the pursuit of health.

    Goals of the Wellness Program

    Short Term

    • Instill healthy lifestyle choices
    • Improve employee morale
    • Improve on-the-job mindfulness, decision making, and productivity
    • Improve awareness of disease management skills/treatments

    Long Term

    • Increase satisfaction in the eight dimensions of wellness
    • Reduce paid claims under the District's medical insurance
    • Reduce absenteeism and lost time
    • Reduce employee turnover


The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

eight dimensions of wellness

Healthy Hero Award Winners

  • The Healthy Hero award is open to all employees who make healthy choices in pursuit of their wellness goals in any of the eight dimensions of wellness. Each school/department’s Wellness Ambassador(s) will have the ability to nominate an individual for the Healthy Hero award to the Building Healthy Lifestyles staff. Nominations will include the employee’s name, location, achievements, photo (optional) and the nominated employee must give approval for the nomination prior. Each month’s winner will receive recognition in a MCSD Wellness Wednesday update and the MCSD Wellness Program’s page of the website. They will also receive a gift that represents one of the eight dimensions of wellness and Certificate of Achievement to display their impressive accomplishment. For questions regarding this program, please reach out to your school/department’s Wellness Ambassador(s).


    2019-2020 Healthy Hero Award Winners

    September: Laura Stebbing, Stuart Middle School


    Laura was nominated by her Wellness Ambassador, Kim Lintz, for her constant pursuit of her wellness goals. While most of us are still sleeping, Laura is at the gym and gets home from her workouts before the sun even comes up. She is diligent regarding proper nutrition by packing a healthy breakfast and lunch each day, while being sure to drink lots of water. Knowing how much physical health impacts emotional wellness, Laura’s healthy habits give her energy and contribute to her positive and warm attitude. Known as “sooooo nice and an awesome teacher always willing to help” by her students, Laura works hard to grow and develop in her job and support her fellow co-workers. Laura does all this while being a loving mom to her three beautiful children

    October: Eileen Durbin, Murray Middle School


    Eileen was nominated by her Wellness Ambassadors, Ana Sahagun and Michele Waddill. Last summer, Ms. Durbin faced an event that changed her life 180 degrees: she had a quadruple heart bypass. After fighting hard to regain her health, Eileen has made the most of this second chance. She has begun eating in a more healthy fashion, drinking lots of water, incorporating exercise into her daily routine, but most importantly has quit smoking! Her new tag line is “Healthy eating, healthy living is the key to living well.” Eileen maintains positive relationships with each of her peers. She is a supportive Secretary that is always willing to help when a teacher needs a substitute, fill out papers or just needs to be listened to. Eileen is also a loving wife, mother of two daughters and a grandmother to her precious “sugar plum.”

Building Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program COntacts

  • For additional information regarding the Martin County School District's Building Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program, please contact Benefitshotline@martin.k12.fl.us or the Risk and Benefits Department at 772-219-1200 ext. 30206