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    Art WOTW

    Congratulations to the following students whose artwork was selected for the special edition of Words of the Week (WOTW).  Their artwork was disseminated to all staff and students' computers during the the applicable weeks.  

    Shayne King, JBHS
    Tracy Canada, Teacher
    "Constitution Day" theme
    September 14 to 18, 2020

     US Constitution

    Olivia Koehnlein, MCHS
    Amanda Jones, Teacher
    "Veterans Day" theme
    November 9 to 12, 2020


    Chelsea Monet, SFHS
    Shelby Hart, Teacher
    "Medal of Honor Day" theme
    March 22 to 26, 2021 

    Medal of Honor


     Art in the Capitol

    Congratulations to Sofia Fowler (AMS) who won the SY2020-2021 contest. Sofia presented her artwork to Representative Snyder, who will display the artwork in the State Capitol during the upcoming legislative session.  

    Art in Capitol 2020     

    Arts Council of Martin County, Chick-fil-A, and Martin County Supervisor of Elections art competitions

    Congratulations to the SY2019-2020 high school winners of the Color Me Patriotic competition!

    Art Poster

    Congratulations to the SY2019-2020 middle school winners of the Voting Poster competition!

    Color me Patriotic

    Congratulations to Bryan Onuska, the SY2019-2020 middle school winner of the Constitution Week art competition! 

    Arts Council

     Artist in Residence

    Thanks to Tracy Canada (JBHSl) for sponsoring Suzanne Connors.  Students honed their artistic skills as they learned to make either a Batik or Shibori mask.

    Artist in Residence

     Congressional Art Winner

    Congratulations to Natalie Belisle (grade 10, MCHS)--and her teacher, Laura Dervin--for being selected by Congressman Mast as the SY2020-2021 winner.  Natalie's artwork will hang in the U.S. Capitol this year.

    Congressional Art winner

     Holocaust Reflection Contest

    Congratulations Sophie Araque-Liu—and her teacher, Amanda Jones (MCHS)—who was awarded first place in the 6th Annual Holocaust Reflection Contest by Nova Southeastern University and the Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, Inc.  Sophie received a $1,000 for her accomplishment entitled “Only Survivor”.


    Kids Tag Art Project

    Elementary school art teachers worked with grade 5 art students to create artwork for the “Kids Tag Art” program sponsored by the Martin County Tax Collector Office.  The artwork is being made into fobs and tags that can be purchased, with all proceeds being returned to schools.  Here are the SY2020-2021 winners.  You can view their artwork--as well as all the other students' artwork--and order your fobs and tags at www.mckta.com.

    • Award of Distinction - Mia Stiver, JBE
    • "Life is better by the water" award - Dulce Mendez-Lopez, PSE
    • "Catch of the day" award - Jackson Hayden, JBE
    • "Behind the badge" award - Isabella Lopez, HSE
    • Tax Collector's award - Maria Neiferd, JBE
    • Principal's award - Nicolas Sobreraj, BCE
    • Principal's award - Abigale Franklin, CGE
    • Principal's award - German Gonzalez, CLE
    • Principal's award - Adrianna Postorino, FAWE
    • Principal's award - Abigayle Padgett, HSE
    • Principal's award - Marcos Gonzalez-Tax, IMS
    • Principal's award - Sofie Demboski, JDPE
    • Principal's award - Journey Singleton, JBE
    • Principal's award - Clara Bradley, PCE
    • Principal's award - Maribel Tajiboy-Cux, PSE
    • Principal's award - Selvin Caseres-Lopez, PWE
    • Principal's award - Samantha Ridgway, SWE