The School Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish a disaster recovery team and subsequent procedures to respond to weather related emergencies. As part of the emergency response, the Superintendent is authorized to designate the emergency work period and to activate the disaster recovery team whose members are required to work during the emergency. Unless otherwise designated, the principal of each school designated as a shelter during the emergency must serve as the "shelter manager" and will be responsible for all aspects of the operation of the emergency shelter.

    The School Board recognizes that exempt and nonexempt employees who serve on the disaster recovery team and who staff the shelters during a declared emergency will be providing services that exceed their contractual obligations by working on days and at times when other District employees are not required to be on duty. In addition to receiving their regular pay in accordance with the School Board adopted salary schedule for their position, the School Board must pay supplements to those employees who perform duties in direct support of the District’s emergency response during the designated emergency work period.


    With the declaration of emergency and the closing of schools, the Superintendent will designated an emergency work period starting with the first day that the disaster recovery team is activated. During this time, only essential employees will report to work for the purpose of storm prep, managing shelter operations and post storm recovery or other emergency services as defined by the Superintendent.


    All employees, including hourly employees, will be paid their regular wages during the emergency work period. The essential employees (disaster recovery team members) required to report to work during the emergency work period will receive additional compensation as follows:

      A. Exempt Employees - During the emergency work period, exempt employees will be paid straight time using hourly rate for all hours required to work.


      B. Non-Exempt Employees - Non-exempt employees required to work during the Emergency Work Period, will be paid time-and-a-half for all hours worked.


    The Superintendent is authorized to submit the itemized total expended by the District for extra compensation for exempt and nonexempt staff, as well as the additional amount expended for the operation of the District facilities used as shelters, to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for reimbursement. The School Board must be informed of the amount of reimbursement requested from FEMA. The School Board authorizes the Superintendent to execute an agreement with Martin County Board of County Commissioners for reimbursement of the labor and operational supply costs used or incurred during a State or local emergency to operate the shelters. The School Board will be made aware when cost recovery is sought and subsequently received from the county for the operation of the shelters per the agreement in force at the time of the emergency.

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    Adopted 6/19/18

    © Martin 2018


The Road to Readiness Storm Preparation by the Martin County Board of County Commissioners

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