Welcome to Stuart Middle School


    8:50 AM to 3:55 PM 

    The school campus is supervised for fifteen (15) minutes before the official student day begins and until busses depart from school.  Students SHOULD NOT be brought to school before this time.  If the weather is rainy or cold, students are allowed to enter an area in Building 1.

    Students should not be on campus other than the hours mentioned without written permission from parent and approval of the Principal.  Forms are available in the front office for such conditions.  Emergency situations should be addressed to administrator for response.  Students are supervised in the bus loop until all busses leave.  Students are supervised in the car loop until all students have indicated that their ride is on the way or they are invited to the office to wait for a parent.  In event of inclement weather, students remain with supervision in the media center or classrooms surrounding the car loop.

    Parents who deliver and pick up your student(s) in private vehicles:

    Please be reminded that our campus is located on the east side of Georgia Avenue.  When bringing your student to school, we ask that you enter the campus just south of Building 1 (Administration/Media) and proceed in a single lane around the “Car Loop”.  Your student may leave your vehicle at any point, but preferably when the car in front of you stops, all students can exit.  This prevents the “stop and go” of individual drop off.  Those who find it difficult to be on time in the morning need to know that if your student does not have a note from you or you do not sign them in, the consequence will be detention or referral.

    School begins at 9:10 AM.  If you pull into the car loop at that time, your student is already late.  Please help your student begin her/his day calmly by arriving on time. Parents must sign in students for excused tardy. In the afternoon, we have a different safety issue.  Some parents are parking on city property and requesting that students meet them off campus.  This makes for a serious congestion issue and safety issue with students crossing Georgia Avenue.  Some students are in the habit of waiting for parents off campus where there is no supervision.  PLEASE assist us in keeping all our students safe by driving into the car loop and picking up your student.

    You might consider waiting just five minutes until 4:05 to arrive at school.  By that time traffic is very light and your student can be readily picked up within the campus and safely.

    Thank you in advance for adhering to the single file 10 MPH, and NO CELL PHONE USAGE.  These rules help us keep all students and staff safe at both the beginning and end of our school day.