• Current Commanders: C/SFC Austin Miller (Male)

                                         C/LTC Kimi Dull (Female)



                             Color guard is a four man team that requires self discipline, and working as a team. Presenting the colors is the main goal of this team, whether that be at a school event, competition, or a community event. Experience in the drill team is a requirement for color guard along with motivation and respect for others on the team. Your not chosen to do color guard out of luck, your're one of the select few that have the qualities needed to complete the mission required.



  • Current Commander: Abigal Delgado

    Current Executive Officer: Trinty Mackney

    Current 1st Sergeant: Nijae Wills

        Our Drill Team, participates in competitive programs to demonstrate precision drill and ceremony skills. Team members must be present for practice each day due to the precision that must be attained for competition. The team is in demand out of season for other RMA events and must practice in order to perform successfully. 

    Coach: SFC William Bonilla


  • Current Commander: Josh Quezeda

    Current XO: Aibgal Delgado

    Current 1st Sergeant: Yeon Tomas                   

    Raiders must display teamwork, physical fitness, and discipline. As a team member, cadets can expect to run 8-10 miles in competition. Team competition events may vary by school, but most evtnts consist of the following: Physical Fitness test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run; Litter carry with six rugsacks weighing 45 pounds each and a litter weighing 145 pounds over one mile of rugged terrain; Obstacle Course; One Rope Bridge; 3-5 mile team run. All team members must finish together for a team time. this is considered a JROTC organization, but team members may earn a letter as in other varsity sports.

    Coach: CSM Efrem Evans



  • Current Commander: C/1LT Emma Graciak

    XO: C/PFC Daniel Roberts

    1st Sergeant: 


        South Fork Highscool Jrotc Air Rifle team competes in this varsity sport National in Area 3. All competitions are sanctioned by the National Three-Positions Air Rifle Council, and athletes competing in these matches are eligible to earn National Council achievement awards and national records. Air rifle team training consists of three phases: basic rifle marksmanship, target acquisition, and specifcity training.

    Coach: CSM Efrem Evans



  • Current Academics Commander: Vanassa Sanchez

    Current Leadership Commander: Crystal Ngaeth

    The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) is a nationally recognized academic competition created exclusively for JROTC students. By participating, cadets learn the values of citizenship, leadership, academic competition, and college opportunity. Cadets work in teams of four to answer test based question under a limited time. Jlab Academics team are challneged with questions ivolving math, science, english, reading, and current events. Jlab leadership consist of leadership related questions that cadets have learned through their years in JROTC. 

    Coach: CSM Efrem Evans