• ALICE is an options-based, proactive approach to responding to an active shooter event. It stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. This is in contrast to traditional lock down protocol which recommended students and staff hide in classrooms and rely on the shooter to not enter their room.  ALICE allows for students and staff to respond appropriately to the hazard they know. Depending on the situation and where you are on campus given the shooter’s location, the possible responses could be: evacuation, lockdown, or as a last resort, counter. Evacuation could mean relocating to another part of campus or off campus at a predetermined site that will be designated in your school’s Crisis Plan. All Martin County School District staff will receive annual training and practice throughout the year in scheduled drills. Remember, increasing both time and distance between students/staff and the shooter is the primary goal. ALICE is a community based response. Staff, parents, and the community have been made aware of the District’s adoption of the ALICE strategy.


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