• The Instrument Selection Process

    *Please NOTE that a musical instrument is REQUIRED for this course. School rentals are in short supply and available on a "first-come-first-served" basis. Any financial obstacle preventing the acquisition of an instrument for the student must be mentioned to the teacher as soon as possible since instruments are due in class the 3rd Monday for participation grades.

    It is recommended that you RENT an instrument from either a music store or the school for the first year. Only if the student choose to continue in band the following year should the family consider purchasing an instrument.

    Step 1 - The students will have the opportunity to try the flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone during class. It is during this time that they make every attempt to make a good sound on the instruments at least three times. At this point, the students will make their decisions for their top 3 favorite instruments for the instrument selection form.

              Only 2-4 Percussionists will be chosen for each beginning band class. These students will rotate between mallets, drums and auxilliary. Percussionists are chosen at the disgretion of the director.

    Step 2The students will submit their Instrument Selection Forms by Friday of Week 2 and will be given their assignments. (See Instrument Selection Forms)

    Step 3 - The following Monday of Week 3, the students will be given their instrument assignments and will start sitting in the sections that they were assigned for. At this point, they will have one week to acquire their instrument and required accessories in order to play and maintain those instruments. 

    Step 4 - The following Monday of Week 4, they will need to have their instruments in class.