Career Experiences

  • Kim Thorne
    Transition Specialist
    (772) 219-1200 ext. 30472

    Learning job skills and gaining employment since 1993

    The goal of Career Experiences is to secure employment for high school students with disabilities by providing opportunities to gain and master job skills at over 60 participating Martin County  businesses.  Students receive course credit by volunteering their time each school day.  Students experience a variety of jobs by rotating job sites each semester.  Transportation is provided by school district buses.  Some job sites have school district job coaches working with the students and employees.  Other job sites have students working independently with designated employees as mentors.


    Each student has unique abilities that contribute to the work force.  Gaining job experiences enables students to make choices. Job choices allow students to secure jobs that match their preferences and skills.  The Career Experiences Program is an important link to the future success and long term employment of each student.


    Please contact us for a list of participating businesses.