• Our VP of Programs is working hard this year to bring a great assortment of fun, educational, family-oriented, multicultural, and character building programs to our school. It takes many people to make all of these wonderful events and opportunities happen for our kids, families and school staff!


    PTA works very hard all year long to get each classroom adopted with a sponsorship of $200, which goes directly to the teachers for resources for our kids! Our PTA Business Liaison is always working hard to build relationships with businesses in our community so that we have the support and resources we need to help fund all that PTA does for our school! 



     PTA strives very hard each year to help our Pinewood students meet their character development and educational goals through providing several assemblies each year during the school day and even offered sometimes at night for our families to attend. We plan for events that will support the values and academic achievement of our students and families, and align with current school programs such as Character Counts and PBS (Positive Behavior Support). This year PTA provided the funds to purchase the Second Step Social- Emotional Program that will be utilized throughout the school with students to promote the social & emotional development of our Pinewood kids that will also advance their academic achievement.


    Our PTA Hospitality Chairperson,  is responsible for arranging a great dinner each conference night for our teachers. We appreciate all that they do and we love to spoil them with a great meal! Hospitality also arranges events like the Welcome Back Breakfast for PWE staff.



    Take a tour around the school, meet the principals, find out about volunteering, PTA, All Pro Dads and PBS! You can purchase your PTA membership and spirits shirts during this event. 


    Math superstars is used to not only add to the existing math curriculum at Pinewood but challenges our kids to go above and beyond what they are already learning. This program allows a great opportunity for parents to teach their kids and/or learn right along with them. Our MS Chairperson, works hard each week to distribute, collect and redistribute these graded papers to the students and to the many parent graders that donate their time to make this program possible. Don’t miss out on this interactive program that will help your kids meet their highest potentialAlthough PTA is not distributing these worksheets this year except for kindergarten, we have made them available to parents who would still like to continue to participate in this program with their children. Click here to access the Math Superstar Activities.



    Every month our Spirit Chairperson, comes to the school on a Friday during lunch to reward kids that wear their spirit shirts with a prize. The kids love it and show their spirit for our great school! Pride in our school is something that PTA greatly encourages as it builds loyalty and dedication to the kids and staff that work so hard every day to make our school the best it can be!



    This includes all you need to know to help out Pinewood! Mandatory for any parents, grandparents, friends or community members that want to volunteer at Pinewood. Our volunteer coordinator, works very hard all year to get volunteers arranged for numerous events such as, picture days, help in the classroom, PTA events, and much, much more!


    Our PTA signs a contract each Spring for our yearbooks the following year. It takes a lot of effort to take pictures all year long and then compile them into a colorful, creative, memorable keepsake for our kids, but all the hard work is worth it! This year we have chosen a new company and look forward to the result!
    Thanks Nicole Bowser for your yearly dedication to making our yearbook so awesome! Parents can upload the pictures for the yearbook at the website community.pictavo.com