• Library Insta-Cart Book Delivery

    Would you like to get a book from the library without actually going into the library?  If so, then you can try our Insta-Cart Book Delivery. 

    Follow these easy steps  

    1. Check Destiny to see if we have the book the you would like delivered
      1. Start in Classlink
      2. Select Follett Destiny
      3. In the Catalog tab, search for your title, author or keywork
      4. Jot down the Title, Author and Call Number of the book
      5. Check to see if that book is available or checked out
    2. Fill out THIS Insta-Cart Book Delivery FORM (CLICK HERE)
    3. Wait for a student aid to bring the book to your ELA Class.


    E-books Exit ticket

    To be completed after the e-books library lesson. 

  • Why Library?

    I am curious, why have you visited the library today?  What did you think of this library visit?  Was the library able to meet your needs for your class or interest level?  ANYTIME you come to the library, please take a moment to follow the link above and complete a class exit ticket on why you are in the library and how the library can help you be successful in your courses at SMS.