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    Valerie Baldwin

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    Sunshine State Readers site
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    Valerie Baldwin

    The Library Dragon, Mrs. Baldwin  

    Thank you for your support!

    Valerie Baldwin

    Media Specialist


    Books for Nooks 
    Education, reading especially, is key to strong cognitive development. When children read, they 
    are doing much more than understanding a story. Reading strengthens many areas, including:

    • Learning about words and language                                       
    • Listening          
    • Expanding vocabulary 
    • Gaining knowledge on a variety of topics 
    • Exposure to various writing styles 
    • Exploring different behaviors, morals, and social issues                                                             

    At Butcher Insurance Group, we understand the importance of reading. I have two children in elementary school at Felix A. Williams Elementary. To encourage reading, Butcher Insurance Group would like to reach out to all 

    third, fourth, and fifth graders to debut our “Books for Nooks” program. Each student in third, fourth or fifth grade that 
    reads all of the Sunshine State books will be eligible to enter a drawing for a free Nook.

    There will be a drawing held for each grade level. Once your child has finished a Sunshine State book, he or she needs to write five questions about the book and turn them into Mrs. Baldwin. She will reward your child with a dog tag after each book. When all fifteen books have been read, your child will be eligible to win a Nook. The drawing will be held after Spring Break.
    courtesy of Butcher Insurance Group. 


    2019-2020 Sunshine State Young Readers Award 
    Grades 3-5


    Sunshine Young Readers Jr. k-2 list


    Thank you for your support!

    Valerie Baldwin

    Media Specialist

    Felix A. Williams Elementary

    Mrs. Baldwin 

    Circulation Policies

    • Students in kindergarten can check out up to 2 books, 1st  and 2ND grade may check out 1 to 4  books at a time.
    •  Students in 3rd through 5Th grade may check out 1 to 5 books at a time.
    • Library books are checked out to students for one week. 
    • Students Should renew their books if they are still reading or working on a project.
    • There are no fines for overdue books, but a student may not check out any additional books above the highest number until overdue books are paid for or returned. 
    • Reference books not be checked out and are for use in the media center only.
    • All books checked out are the responsibility of the student. Lost or damaged books must be paid for in full before any additional books may be borrowed.
    • Media Center Rules- SAIL 
    • Safe- no running
    • Always respectful - say please, thank you 
    • Incredibly Responcible- return books on time and in good condition
    • Lead by example- do the right thing, even when no one is looking! 

    We use the 5 finger rule when choosing books, ask you student what this means!  

    • Book Care
      1. Keep books clean.
      2. Keep books dry.
      3. Treat books like your best friend.
      4. Return your borrowed books on time.

      What goes on in the Media Center?

    The Media Center at Felix A. Williams Elementary School is designed to meet the needs of students, parents, and faculty by providing a wide variety of materials to supplement the elementary curriculum.  Our goal is to promote reading and provide access to information.  The Media Center is designed to provide a fun, friendly, learning, atmosphere.   Students are welcome to visit the Media Center at anytime during the day for book check out and return.  There is also scheduled book check out one time a week for each class. 

           The Media Center provides many instructional resources and services for teachers and students besides the library books you may see coming home.  Some of these services include:  Computer Lab on the Related Arts rotation,  reference and research skills lessons for 3rd, 4Th, and 5Th grade during library scheduled block,  story time and a mini lesson for k, 1st, and 2nd grade, book selection assistance throughout the day, FCAT instruction for all groups, AV equipment and set up for classroom use, Professional Library materials for teachers, video and listening library, book sets, laminating, computer support throughout the school, maintenance and cataloging of the library collection, reading promotions using the Sunshine State Reader program, fund raising (for more great books and computers!) through Book Fairs and Magazine Sales, Sailfish News Network daily school news broadcasts, and the maintenance of this great website. 

    Most importantly, the media center and its staff strives to foster lifelong love of literature and reading in all students that come through our doors.

    Thank you!