• For the safety of all students and staff on campus, all students are expected to have their student ID badge on and visible from the waist up at all times.

    Students who have forgotten or misplaced their student ID badge can have a new one printed in the Dean’s or Attendance Office.

    Students receive two reprinted student ID badges for free. After the second free reprint student ID badge has been issued, students are charged $5 per student ID badge that is reprinted. 


    Starting Tuesday, January 19th, all students are required to have their student ID badge on and visible when going through the lunch line.

    Any student who doesn't not have their student ID badge will be asked to leave the line to obtain a reprinted student ID badge.

    Students will be able to have their student ID badge quickly reprinted during lunch inside the cafeteria. Students will then be able to get back in the lunch line to order their lunch. 


    If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s student ID badge please contact the Dean’s Office at 772-219-1800 extension 32147.

    Thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of all of our students and staff at Martin County High School.